We lead the software technology outsourcing market by providing our clients with IT development and high-end software solutions. With our help you will accomplish even the most demanding projects:

Your Agile Software Development Company. We Turn Disruption Into Opportunities

A global custom software development company focused on Agile Methodologies and Continuous Delivery. We provide outsourced professional application development and custom software development services. We are well-known by providing timely and efficient services, along with maintaining long-term resourceful relationships with our clients and partners. We have a pool of qualified professionals who are available for hire and ready to start to work on your new project. Our dedicated agile team of developers will work hand in hand with you in order to achieve your business goals, and our implementation of Internet of Things will put your life to an ease. Our main goal, vision and mission is to assure businesses gain profit and efficiency through our services. For more than a decade, we strive to maintain popularity among various fields of industries, such as: finance, healthcare, government, manufacturing, education, online gaming, and e-commerce. Your business will start growing in no time with Miracle Group!

Performance Based Contracts

Our clients can choose from an exclusive range of working models. The same overarching principles are applied for every project big or small. We work with our clients to achieve their goals and enhance their economic prospects.

Project Governance

Project Governance, made more effective with Agile development practices and value based approach aims at reducing the time needed to get the desired ROI.

Agile Development Practices

Agile Software Development and Web development practices are integral at Miracle Group, and dominate our work culture. Our strategically created programs deliver better business value with and better risk mitigation for our clients.

Our Software Development Services

Miracle Group is a pioneer software development firm with global delivery centers in India. We create and implement global software development and web development outsourcing solutions. We are proficient in delivering high quality service for worldwide enterprises. Owing to our consistently updated technical skills, considerable experience in planning development methodologies and thorough understanding of industry trends
we can help you to succeed, no matter the circumstances.

Internet of

Our innovative engineers can help you take advantage of the next industrial revolution.

Hire Agile Dedicated

Accelerate your business without any additional costs or commitments to your employees by hiring our experienced pool of developers.

Enterprise Application

We combine best practices in Agile engineering with collaborative problem solving to deliver a solution that will leave you wondering why haven’t you found us sooner


We have 360-degree mobility solutions; from strategizing and development to marketing.


Get useful insights in your raw data with our Big Data solutions for increased efficiency.


Our IT consulting assists the organizations to transform their basis and gain alignment.


Whether ongoing development and support, or creation of a single software product,
our flexible engagement model will meet each and every customer’s needs.

We bring the latest industry insights, the propensity to execute on a global basis and an eager eye for our customers's bottom line.

Clients Stories

Our projects have been delivered with success to each and every client that we had had. Check out the stories
behind it and see it for yourself! Stay tuned for more updates.

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